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Professional angling at lake Balaton. Passion, Adventure, Fish.

Balaton Fishing Ltd. had been the first in Hungary making it possible to ambitious individual boatmen (ghillies) with decades of experiences to join and be part of an organisation with a professional background in anglingtourism. An opportunity to keep doing what is their lifestyle, their passion and profession in one, and what they are very good at.

BalatonFishingOur knowledge is our power, a know-how built on the combined individual experience of our members. At the same time we are able to sail out with 8 fishingboats. Besides, for those who want to fish from the bank we can also offer a promising angling option too.

We know hundreds of certain places that give trophy zanders year after year. Above that we also use the newest and the best sonars if the situation requires it for the best results possible.

Our main profile is zander angling. Longer or either shorter it takes to find the right place however our captains will surely do their best to find where the zanders are.

Balaton could be favourable to boili anglers as well, we can offer places of the lake bank where our guests can station week long or more.


Those carp anglers are not forgotten either who enjoy stalking carp from a boat. There is a breaking 300-400m distance from the bank where the bottom breaks to a 4m dept. You can either bring your own boat or we can provide one for you. That place is famous of its trophy carps and zanders as well.

Those who are not catch and release anglers and like to eat fish caught by themselves but dislike cleaning it, can have cleaning made for a couple of euros. They can take home the fish (frozen) home as well.

While fishing from an angling-stage or the bank, it is not a big deal but daily routine to catch 10+kg or even 20+kg carps.

Balaton had been suffering for decades of intensive commercial fishing. Balaton Fishing Ltd. helped to seize that unacceptable activity. The company of our friends dedicated to a healthy and beautiful, angler friendly Balaton desperately fought lobbying at the goverment for a winning of angler tourism over commercial fishing. Here comes a special thanks to Attila and David for their extra effort. Now in Hungary commercial fishing has been forbidden in all of the waters of Hungary since 1st of January 2016 and on lake Balaton since December 2013.


Concerning angling tourism in Hungary we are right just on the verge of a revolution. Just as this undertaking is also revolutionary in many ways. In November 2015 on behalf of the Hungarian Government Hungary’s Angling Tourism Strategy had been completed forecasting thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions of euros income for the country. The members of Balaton Fishing Ltd. had a major contribution to make important parts of the strategy. Their credo is: enjoy fishing, knowledge of fishing, make others go fishing.


When it comes to provide service to our guests we know the importance of communication in thier own language. Our ghillies (or boatmen) speak German and our Homepage is written both in English and German. The language of the on-line communication can be either German or English.

Our Internet Site offers not only our main services but is also a place where you can find many useful pieces of information about cultural programs, weather forcast, online booking, fish species etc..

We encourage our guests to share thier experiences and pictures on our Internet site and with this be part of our developing company. Our goal is to build partnership with the best boatmen all around lake Balaton covering the entire Lake by 2017. Pre-contractual aggrements have been made.


We endeavour to deliver an unforgottable catering experience to our guests. Our chef is master of Hungarian tasty, delicious kitchen. However if someone prefers vegetarian or something special he will do his best.

Our restaurant lays directly at the bank, sitting and relaxing on the terrace while enjoying the view and the music of the waves washing the shore gives the feeling you will never forget.


Budapest is 1 hour away so if someone wants to see the capital it is easy to make a trip there. Budapest can offer you several programs and fun.

We possess platforms on the water and boats as well and can provide them for those who prefer angling without ghillies (boatmen). You can bring your own boat and would be helped at putting it on water by the Restaurant.


After a day long fishing trip there could be a grill party held on the beach where we can deliver all the necessary equipment and material.

There is a bicycle road all around the lake, if you like cycling its only up to you to enjoy it, as we can provide bicycles too. (Moped rent is also available)

A good optional program is a cruise trip (boat trip) where you can visit different ports with different cultural programs is each. (Tihany, Balatonfüred, Siófok, Keszthely, Szigliget)

Objectives for the future:

  • -Both on the northern and the southern bank we establish new stations for the boili fans,
  • -Our own accomodation capacity will be developed according to the demands of our guests
  • -Our contracted partners of boatmen will operate not just at lake Balaton but Tiszató (third biggest lake in Hungary) and other wild water environment (our Danube and Tisza rivers).
  • -100% satisfied returning guest rate year by year

Booking a fishing trip includes insurance (money back guarantee in a case of unpredictible situations you might cancel your trip) first time in Hungarian Angling Tourism history.

Our guest have never been disappointed, coming back year after year (90% rate). Many of them having chosen us for decades as the destination for their holiday and fun.

We are kindly awaiting you to be our guest.

Up for a fishing adventure!

Kind Regards,

David Racz

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