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Franchise partners

Become our franchise partner!

BalatonFishingOur company is willing to help anybody to start a professional fishing tourism enterprise that is as successful as ours. After assessing the needs and possibilities on the premises, our colleagues provide an itemised quotation for the execution of the whole project and the establishment of franchise partnership.

Besides telling our partners how to operate their business, we create their personal websites, we advertise them as our contractual franchise partners on our own website, let them use our domain name (e.g. fü,,,, the list is downloadable), provide continuous training for their employees, provide weekly consultation, plan their cash-flow, calculate and track their revenue and expenditure. We are responsible for designing the company’s logo and image as well as for advertising. The main advantage of franchise partnership is that we can represent power and professionalism as a fishing tour organising chain by strengthening synergies. As franchise partners dealing with the organisation of fishing tours, we can support each other on our way to common success.

It is important that our future fishing tour organising partners consider hospitality as their profession.

If you follow the instructions given by Balaton Fishing, you can already make a profit out of fishing tourism in the first year.

We are looking for partners who have experience in the fields of navigation or fishing tourism or own real estates or ports which could be used for this purpose.

The fishing tourism franchise concept is the intellectual property of Balaton Fishing Ltd., therefore it is protected by copyright.§®

To discuss the details please write to

Fishing tours

  • Grand Fishing Tour:
    6-day fishing tour for teams
  • Short Fishing Tour:
    3-day fishing tour for teams
  • Quick Fishing Tour:
    half-day fishing tour for 1-2 people
  • Long weekend Fishing Tour:
    3-day fishing tour
  • Carp Grand Tour:
    7-day fishing tour for teams
  • Adventure Tour:
    7-day fishing tour


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