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What will we catch?

Basically, we fish for predator fishes from the boat, by using live or dead bait, wobbler, rubber fish and twister.

BalatonFishingMost of our catches consist of bass, bream, eel, catfish and pike. Upon request, our guests can also fish for peaceful fishes, such as carp, chub, razor-fish or amur, from the shore, pier, dinghy or boat.

We cannot guarantee the size of the fish, however, we know a lot of hooking and holding techniques that led to the catching of capital fish.

Due to the several-decade-long experience of our captains and our excellent radars, all our guests experience success and return home safely, smiling and satisfied.


Those who follow the “catch and release” principle should primarily fish for peaceful species suitable for trolling.

From the pier and the shore, you can boilie fish or feeder fish for peaceful species, such as large carps, amurs and chubs.

Those who boilie fish usually choose the one-week-long carp fishing tour, stay in their own fishing tents and wait for the big catch with their complete fishing equipment.

Those participants who want to explore the secrets of Lake Balaton by their own boats or by rented boats will be pleasantly surprised by the Hungarian Sea on many occasions.

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Fishing tours

  • Grand Fishing Tour:
    6-day fishing tour for teams
  • Short Fishing Tour:
    3-day fishing tour for teams
  • Quick Fishing Tour:
    half-day fishing tour for 1-2 people
  • Long weekend Fishing Tour:
    3-day fishing tour
  • Carp Grand Tour:
    7-day fishing tour for teams
  • Adventure Tour:
    7-day fishing tour


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